For World Peace
M. Jacques Chirac, le président de la République française 
(the president of the republic of France),et sa pur contribution
( contribution to the )"DÉCLARATION DES DROITS 
DE L'HOMME - de Liberté, d'Egalité et de Fraternité". 
(liberty, equality and fraternity ), 
specially to "la Paix mondiale" (world peace): 

"La bombe, c'est moi"
" for the goodwill and security of the people of France"
Mr Jaques Chirac, The president of France
This page is dedicated to women, men ,children and animals 
who were killed or vaporised immediately in Hiroshima and
Nagasaki by the blast of America's uranium and plutonium 
bombs and all the women ,men and children of our beautiful 
planet EARTH that campaign for Nuclear Disarmament ,
against nuclear weapons and tests

with sincere appreciation and gratitude

Dangerous Nuclear Tests

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