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Neurosciences on the Internet

Human Brain Project


Human Anatomy and Physiology
Case Study Project

Institutes - Yahoo Index

  • American Association of Anatomists
    a scientific society

  • The Heart: An Online Exploration
    excellent resource for science education!

  • Visible Human Project

  • University Of Texas-Anatomy

  • Beyond Vesalius
    a teaching program for sectional anatomy based on the visible human database.

  • Brain Awareness Week

    - March 17-23, 1997. general and press information,

  • Outline of the Virtual Hospital

  • Digital Anatomist Program

  • Estimation of the Mechanical Parameters of the Human Respiratory System

  • How Do Medical Students Dissect Cadavers?

  • Human Skull
    - Interactive Multimedia Modules
    - contains QTVR and MPEG movies.

  • Image Database of Plastination
    - searchable pictorial archive of plastinated anatomical materials.

  • InnerBody
    - fun, interactive and educational views of the human body.

  • Interactive Knee

  • Learning Guide For The Human Brain
    - clickable pictures of the human brain.

  • LifeART Medical Illustrations & Clip Art
    - professionally drawn electronic medical illustrations.

  • Muscle Page for Kids
    - shows you where your muscles are, what they're called, how they work and what they do.

  • Museum of Health and Medical Science
    - A Texas-sized view of the human body from the inside.
    The Amazing Body Pavilion includes giant human organ models
    and interactive exhibits that explore how systems of the body work and stay healthy.

  • Net-Doctor
    - a series of animations and information on the human body and its organs and systems.

  • Nostril, The
    - description, grace and pathology of the nostril.

  • NPAC Visible Human Viewer, The
    - A java applet which allows you to view slices of a human body from the Visible Human Project.

  • Penis Page, The
    - find out the average size of the penises of other species.

  • Pyloric Sphincteric Cylinder, The
    - examination of the anatomy and motility of the pylorus in view of many divergent views.

  • Research in Human Biology
    - A compilation of information dealing with human biology
    to include genetics, anatomy, and physiology.

  • Sheep Brain Dissection Guide

  • Three Dimensional Medical Reconstruction

  • UCI Willed Body Program
    - A universal program for people to donate their body
    for medical science. Information on death, embalming,
    mortuary science and organ donation.

  • UW - Anatomy Module List

  • Vesalius Interactive Anatomy
    - series of free instructional modules on anatomy, pathology and surgery.

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