Herman Hesse 's Siddhartha is about a man's lifelong journey of discovery. As a young man Siddhartha is looked upon by his people as a man having achieved ..dharma(sacred duty). He was thought to have his life evolving around ..yogadiscipline),..bhatki(devotion),..jnana(knowledge) and karma (action) and was highly regarded by all. Even his father and best friend regarded him on a higher plain in many ways. Siddhartha himself was distressed and felt adharma( filling his life. The questions arising inside himself would not allow him to stay and achieve everything that was expected of him. He sets off on a journey to find the answer. He finds several insights along the way as to what the answer is. None of which are truly what he is looking for. Siddhartha seeks the teaching of Buddha himself, only to realize he cannot find what he's looking for through teachings of others. Siddhartha knows he must discover his..atman(self) and understands what he seeks is within his own ..ahamkara(I-maker-or ego). He travels as samana for a long time and follows all the ways of a samana.

Living a devoted life with ..sraddha(faith) encompassing all he is about. This however does not keep him from once again realizing he needs to return to his quest for the answer. Even the life of a samana is not the holy objective he seeks. Siddhartha even seeks what he looks for in the ways of actions and emotions, thinking perhaps it is the final epic of his journey to finding what he seeks. He falls into a life filled with ..kama(sensuous love). His new devotion to Kamala has him absorbed in all the worldly events he was taught to hold as being meaningless. The longer he stays with her the further his past life pursuits fade and the voice within him that so faithfully guided his life fades away too. When he finally has dropped so low and is in a state of ..moha(delusion) and utterly lost. He has a revelation and his self returns and he once again heres his inner voice. Siddhartha at the moment of suicide hears the one thing that will bring him back and further than the highest past point in life. In the second he hears OM in the river he is clearly near a point of ..brahmanirvana(pure calm of infinity). In his following years at the river he goes through many events leading to a clearer understanding of OM and uses the river as a messenger from within to guide his life. Even through all the emotions of dealing with his son, which takes him away from OM he still remains within an inner peace. And finally he overcomes his earthly problems and will surely be one within Braham(infinite spirit).

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